Giving Thanks.

I opened my email this morning, and a quote in one of the emails struck me. 

"Never underestimate your ability to make someone else's life better - even if you never know it."
~ Greg Louganis

Today, as we start to launch into the Thanksgiving week, I am thankful for every person that has donated to BDHH these last 3 years. While I haven't been here to witness it all, I see what every dollar does every day. I see the impact volunteers make on the staff and the guests. I see what every donation of clothing, books, and food does. I see exactly how far it goes.

While I'm still getting flustered over how I'm going to cook the turkey and if my parents and my in-laws are going to get along, each day I'm here I'm so overwhelmed by the generosity of this community. I see 80 men, 20 women, and 7 families that are fed, sheltered, and safe because of each of those donations. 

Today I'm thankful for you. I'm thankful for every person who has been a part of BDHH, big or small. This week we celebrate one of our families moving into their own apartment just in time for the holidays. And while we will miss them because they've brought such joy to our lives, we are so happy to see the both of them and their little girl home safe in their own place! Every donation has helped this family get back on their feet, and they never stopped fighting. Mom never stopped working, and Dad never stopped taking care of their little girl. They just needed a hand up, and through you, BDHH was able to give that. 

I am so thankful.