As someone who just moved to Sioux Falls from a life living in large metropolitan areas, I have been struck by the sense of community here.

It sounds so small, so insignificant, to be surprised by a sense of community; it's not.

Sioux Falls is a community of people with common goals, common purposes, and a common core. Coming from a large city, I didn't feel the same sense of community loyalty I feel here. Here, I shop at the farmer's market. Here, I support local causes whenever possible. Here, I meet my neighbors and we chat about our favorite local hangout. 

Sioux Falls has given me a sense of community that I had never experienced. When I started working for BDHH, I realized just how much this extends. This community extends its arms to everyone: to me, to you, and to those that are in desperate need for a little help. BDHH runs almost entirely on donations from this community-- from YOU! How incredible is that? How incredible is it that we live in a community that stretches out their arms and tries to do what they can for everyone they can?

BDHH isn't a one-man show. It keeps operating because of the community, because people like you understand the need for this facility. It runs because of every $5, $50, or $500 donation. It runs because people come in and help us build shelves or serve lunches. It runs because Minnehaha County Human Services works alongside us to place families in better, permanent housing situations. It works because we get donations of computers, school supplies, food, and money. 

Sioux Falls is a community and every person that walks through the doors of the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House is our neighbor. So far this year, we have seen over 1,300 unique individuals walk through these doors needing help. Open Doors, Open Arms is our policy. As a community, we need to stand together to keep those doors open. We need to help our fellow man/woman/child in their time of crisis. One person can make all the difference in the world. One person can start a chain reaction. One person can ignite a community. 

We are one community. All it takes is you