Policies & Hours


Day Services: 8:00am to 5:30pm

Night Services: 6:30pm to 7:00am

Length of Stay Policy

(Active Income Source)                                                               (No Income Source)

                                         (30) Nights Free                                                                                 (1 - 30) Nights Free must create trackable plan

                                (31 – 60) Evening rate is $5.00 per night                                          (31 – 60) will review stay every (2) weeks

                                 (61 – 90) Evening rate is $7.00 per night                                          (61 – 90) will review stay every (2) weeks

                                   (91 – 120) Evening rate is $10.00 per night                                       (91 – 120) will review stay every (2) weeks

                                       Pay for stay – prepay only in cash one week at a time                     Patron will have to comply with chore chart

                                        Pay for Stay – No Refunds                                                                  Patron will have to show trackable progress


Our philosophy is "Open doors. Open arms." We strive to provide services and support to those who are most vulnerable in our community or those who need a helping hand up. We do ask our patrons to follow certain rules, which are put in place to keep other patrons, staff and volunteers safe.

No outside food, drugs or alcohol, or use of, are allowed on the property. 

No fighting, threats or aggressive behavior is tolerated on the property.  Any patron who violates these simple rules will be asked to vacate the property.