The Bishop Dudley Hospitality House serves families and individuals that are in need of a helping hand or fresh start. Every person we've helped has a story. Please enjoy the stories below. It has been an honor serving and making positive impact on many lives in Sioux Falls. 

Vickie before and after.jpg

Meet Vickie.

Vickie had a job, a home, and a husband of nineteen years. But life threw Vickie a curveball when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and her husband was told he needed a kidney transplant. “I didn’t expect to experience homelessness. I worked every day of my life… I had a husband, and a home,” Vickie said.

Suddenly, her everyday world was now something different. It was filled with doctor’s visits, medical bills, and chemotherapy.

“Caregivers have it so hard. It’s so hard,” Vickie explained, tears welling, as she explained the monthly mountain of boxes of medication. Vickie, forgoing surgeries for her, cared for her husband who eventually passed away. “Maybe I should have asked for the help I needed sooner,” she said.

Vickie became a resident of the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House and lived here for almost a year. “They were very gracious and helpful,” she said. “I didn’t expect it.” Working with staff, Vickie was able to get back on her feet. Now employed for a year, Vickie has her own apartment, is self-sufficient and she owes it all to Chad and the staff at Bishop Dudley.

The first photo is Vickie during our stay with us, and the second is Vickie just last week when she visited BDHH right after work to show off her new hairstyle.

One of many success stories, Vickie is the reason BDHH does what it does. We understand that life happens, and that everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. We work hard to provide a safe environment for men, women, and families to stay temporarily and we work together as a team to help improve the situations of those that want it.


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Lauren, Manuel and their daughter were just like any other family. Mom and Dad worked and their daughter lived a wonderful life of books and Disney characters (especially Frozen, she would tell you!). But one day Manuel’s construction job slowed down and eventually stopped. While Lauren picked up shifts where she was working to cover the difference, the rent became just too much to pay. They moved into a motel and managed to stay afloat for several months. However, Lauren was running on fumes pulling extra hours and the cold months had started, so construction work was scarce. The family decided to meet with County Human Services and see what their options were, and they were placed here at Bishop Dudley.

“My first night here I fell asleep and slept until 11 the next day, I was so exhausted,” Lauren said. For the first time in so long, Lauren and Manuel weren’t worrying about paying for a motel or working three shifts to cover it. It was a relief.

In just a couple short weeks, Lauren, Manuel, and their daughter became a part of the BDHH family. Their daughter became an instant hit with staff and guests alike brightening their day with a hello each morning.
“Everyone here has made us family,” Lauren said.

We are sad to see this wonderful family go, but so excited for the future that awaits them! Their daughter is thrilled to spend the holidays in their own place. Lauren and her family have been fantastic guests, and we are so blessed to have been able to get to know them!

Stories like this are common at Bishop Dudley. Families fall on hard times and just need a helping hand to get going again. With your donations, we were able to provide a place of refuge for them while they regrouped and found their own place. Their daughter was able to feel safe and secure in a warm bed every night because of YOU. There are so many more success stories just like theirs, and it’s all because of the generous community here in South Dakota.

When you consider your charitable giving this holiday season, please remember us and the men, women, and children that we see every day. Help us create more success stories like this. So far this year, we have served 58 families with over 130 children within them. Help us give them the hand up they need to get their own positive ending!