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The Bishop Dudley Hospitality House will serve as a dynamic stabilizer for people in unstable circumstances through information, referral and resources, opening doors for those in need.

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Bishop Dudley Hospitality House Rendering
Maintaining the fine balance between homelessness and having a regular place to sleep at night is often the support network provided by friends, families and communities. For more than 600 men, women and children in Sioux Falls, this network has been inadequate, leaving them homeless and without access to many of the basic necessities that keep them safe, healthy and connected.

The BISHOP DUDLEY HOSPITALITY HOUSE in Sioux Falls, an initiative of the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls in collaboration with other social service providers, will soon open its doors as a central, first-stop resource for those in need of day and nighttime shelter and access to essential services.

Located in downtown Sioux Falls, the facility is within walking distance of several agencies that provide programs for the needy, supporting the proven plan to work in partnership with existing agencies to coordinate many services under a single roof.

The Bishop Dudley Hospitality House will be located at
101 N. Indiana Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57103

- October 31, 2014
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Answering the Call: The BDHH

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